return to main page return to main page return to main page  A Musician: Drums, piano, bass, 12-string guitar, conga, bongos and sometimes harmonica. Jeff has toured from China to Korea and Russia, from Maine to Florida and California, from Canada to Mexico. He plays along the Eastern Shore. Maryland is called Home Tonight. A solo artist: When Jeff performs his own songs and hundreds of covers, he’s an entertainer with humor.  He has won a series of awards and in January 2010, he placed third in Mid-Atlantic Songwriters Contest.  A duo performer: Jeff performs with Herbie Wheatley, a spirited performer on flute, sax, clarinet, percussion and vocals. Hear them with the band at   A trio performer: In Wheatstone Bridge with Meredith Holiday and Anna Burgess, taking first place in regionals in Richmond, VA in the Colgate Country Showdown in 2008. They are known for their close harmonies.   A quartet performer: Jeff is a part of  the popular band D'Vibe and Conga, joining Herbie Wheatley, one of the band’s founders, Big Mac, bass and band glue, Buffalo Lee, drums, percussion and more than a pretty face. CDs at An openin act: For James Taylor, Livingston Taylor, Jon Poussette-Dart, America, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Jonathan Edwards, Bonnie Rait, The Del Fuegos, Clark Kent, The Outerspace Band, Fire Fall, Def Leopard, Del Fuegos, and Ziggy Marley (just jeff calder's bio Home | Bio | Music | Shows | Press | Bookings kidding about Clark) Click here for booking information. The Dad: Are girls the best?  Are boys?  Some of each is best! Jeff the Chef:  He has enjoyed cooking for many Eastern Shore restaurants and delis, Jeff hosts friends and is invited to many parties to sing and make supper. Jeff the tech-geek: He has done pro audio for Boston, and can mix with the best. Working out of Easton with LSP Studios for video and audio productions. A sailor:  He holds a Coast Guard Masters License - 2009 From spring to fall he sails the Red Dog in the Wednesday night races from St, Michaels and flies like a silver bullet on the Miles River down the Eastern Bay.  Jeff also crews on J24 whenever invited. He received the Lone Ranger award from WNR St Michaels in 2009.  He was born in Maine and is at home on the water, learning to sail the Sunfish at the age of nine. jeff calder performing with D'Vibe & Conga